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We're startup operators in Africa, backing startup founders in Africa. 

They say building  a startup is like building a plane after being flung off a cliff, but in Africa, you're building that same plane except blindfolded, with baboons on your back, in a thunderstorm. 

We've built and scaled companies in Africa.


We're backed by your fellow founders, late stage investors and operators who have worked with generation defining solutions. 

We want to be your Sherpa on your basecamp climb from Pre-Seed to Seed.


Partners, each step of the way.

A bespoke journey based on

4 Tools

Through our journey with you we'll focus on 4 key areas which we've learnt are critical to pre-seed startup success in Africa. 

Every journey is different so we will map out and tailor your path with us post-investment and bring in our core team, advisors and partners to walk with you on your growth path.  


Market insights

Nothing beats insight from the ground. We work with you to gather actionable insight and make sense of it.

strategic partnerships

We believe in collaboration over competition and will work with you to source and structure strategic partnerships.


Your first hires are critical, we will work you to source and vet an all star team. 

follow-on Capital

We know our length of the journey well and collaborate with seed and series A investors to prepare for your next leap after our sprint.

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Wanna climb that summit with us?

Ready to pitch us?

We'd love to hear about how you're about to transform industries and livelihoods in Africa! At this time we exclusively invest in companies with primary markets in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.

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